Monday, March 30, 2009

The Other Side

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Jason said...

Awesome post. I often thought about putting together a lesson plan of basic Korean introduction questions paired with answers for the orientation I wrote a lot of materials for in the public system. I thought that going through the experience that our students do with native speakers/teachers who don't clue in to how you need to vary speed of speaking and use repetition plus gestures and every other instrument of communication you can to help low level learners . . . anyways, you get the point. I also wanted to do this with a Korean co-teacher too. Add to the mix I hoped at one point that the orientation program would actually bring the primary co-teachers of each native teacher so that the whole thing could happen with everyone in the class--imagine how great that would be for enlightening the Korean teachers, the new foreign teachers, and get everyone thinking about the fundamentals of EFL teaching . ..

I'd LOVE to see the people I've worked with both now and in the past in a Korean class--I can just imagine what would happen, lol.

Nice post.