Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Listening Activities

I generally don't use the listening CDs that go with the books in my classes for various reasons that I've explained before on this blog. But my Korean teacher does and it has just confirmed for me why I don't. I think they could potentially be an okay thing if done well, but they're often not. How to not do it well:

1. Pop it in and waste 3 minutes trying to find the right one.

2. Then just hit play, without explaining what section in the book the students are supposed to be looking at so everyone has stress of trying to figure out what they should be listening for.

3. Play it 5 or 6 times until the students feel like banging their heads against the wall in frustration and boredom.

4. Play it for the last time and just move on to the next activity without any feedback or follow-up of any sort.

So you can use your deductive powers and figure out how to do it well I'm sure!

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