Monday, August 24, 2009

Task Based Teaching

At my uni, the foreign teachers had a presentation on task-based teaching. While this is nothing new for most of us, I did pick up a few things. Of particular interest was the "task generator" that the presenter talked about. The basic idea is that there is a topic that the class is based upon and then various task based on that are created by the teacher.

This is the list of tasks, basically from easiest to hardest. I'll use the topic of weather.

1. Listing. Various types of weather conditions.

2. Ordering and sorting. What is the typical weather in spring/summer/fall/winter.

3. Comparing. Weather in Korea vs. weather in Canada

4. Matching. Pictures of weather conditions to the names.

5. Problem solving. Pick a destination you'd like to visit. When will you go and why? What special things do you need to bring?

6. Creative project. Research a major natural disaster and make a poster about it.

7. Sharing personal experiences or stories.

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