Monday, January 4, 2010

Student Evaluations

So at about this time last year, I was doing a very similar post about the same topic. This year, I seemed to have taken my own advice and gotten extremely high evaluations...89%. My highest class was 98% and my lowest was 79%.

Anyway, how do I do it? I read the student comments. My Korean is a wee bit sketchy so I run them through the google translator to get the basic gist of things. Then, if I see a pattern across classes, I'll shape things up in that area. My previous plan, of making my syllabus much clearer and simpler paid off and I got high points in that area.

This year, the students seemed to think that I should speak a bit more Korean in class. goes against my general principles of learning a second language. But, in the lower level classes, I can see their point. Perhaps my new plan will be brushing up on the Korean of what I'm teaching that week.

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