Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Partner Conversations

A fun thing I do in class is partner conversations. For example, today we were talking about feelings.

So I gave them this conversation to get started. A. Hey _____, how are you doing? B. I'm great, how are you? A. I'm _______ (sad, embarrassed, angry, bored). B. Oh? What's wrong? A._____ B._________ A.__________ etc, etc.

I gave them about 10 minutes to write the conversation with their partner. You can adjust the number of lines to suit the ability level. Then, I have them memorize it, so that they can recite it without their paper. Then, they stand up in front of the class and everyone listens.

I'll give a reward (a stamp, which ='s grades in my class) for the team that is the most interesting or funny, has good grammar and clear speaking.

This is definitely not an everyday kind of thing because it does get boring if you do it too often but I find that maybe 3 times in a semester is perfect.

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