Monday, October 25, 2010

Reader Question...Jobs

This one from Suzie.  She's basically asking if it's possible for someone who is well-qualified (experience and education) to get a uni job in Korea can get one without actually having worked in Korea before, and not living there now.

I've talked about this (sort of) in many previous posts

But to directly answer the question:

Yes, even though the job market is tighter these days, anything is possible, especially if you have a Masters degree in an area related to ESL, English or Education.  If you add in at least a few year's experience, good recommendations, and something like a Celta, then it's even better, and if you are in country for interviews, you'd for sure be able to get a uni job of some sort (as long as you're "normal").  But, most universities in Korea will not hire over the phone (with a few exceptions...but they are not really the unis you'd want to work for perhaps?) so you have to be here for interviews, which can range anywhere from 6 months-1 week before the semester starts (September/March).  If you live in the UK or North America, or anywhere else really, it would seem crazy to just fly here for a job interview, even if you are lucky enough to get some scheduled within a week or two of each other.

Anyway, here are some options:

1. Plan on being in Korea for 2 months before the semester starts.  You can pick up a lot of last minute interviews hopefully.  But these are often not the best jobs.  The top unis are generally more organized and hire early to get the best people.

2. Hope for the phone interviews and look for a better job next year when you're in country.

3. Work a summer/winter camp that will often pay for your plane ticket.  Find one easy on the hours or with a couple flexible days off so you can go to job interviews.

4. Work any connections that you have in Korea to see what they can do for you.  Connections are the best way to get jobs and many of the people at my uni got hired this way (but please don't ask me readers, since I don't recommend anyone I don't personally know).

5. Bite the bullet and do public school for a year.   They hire over the phone.  Some of them are not so terrible in terms of vacation/pay.  Network so you can get a sweet job for next year.

Good luck!


JH KIm said...

Thank you so much for your efforts and answers, it is really helpful, and I will show it to my husband. Thank you agian!

Jackie Bolen said...

Did it all work out for you?