Friday, March 11, 2011

Reader Question...Coming with Family

This one from Sam:

"I have a Masters in Education & a B.A in English. I have several years of teaching experience under my belt.  I am interested in getting a job at a university in Korea.  I am married and I have two children. My wife does not teach. I know that I need a work visa to work in Korea.  Well, what about my family?  Can my wife and children stay with me at my expense?  What visa documents must I apply for them?"

I've never talked about this question on the blog before, but the quick answer is that yes, it is possible.  I don't know all the details, but I do have friends here who are with their spouse and are not teachers.  And there are plenty of foreign teachers around who have kids.  There is a spousal visa of some sort that is very easy to attain.

The only drawback is that some places won't want to provide housing for 4 people.  Most unis (understandably so) would rather provide a little one-room hovel than proper accommodation for an entire family.  You might have to prepare yourself for just taking the housing allowance and finding your own place to stay.  You''ll either have to pay monthly rent that is more than the housing allowance, or put down a substantial amount of "key money," which can be upwards of $10 000 US.


Hanna said...

When we first came to Korea, I had already secured a job and so was traveling on an E-2 visa. My husband and son entered the country on only tourist visas (particularly useful for Canadians, as they can stay for up to six months). Once we were settled, they applied for dependents' visas. I think it's easy enough to enter on a tourist visa, but as a precaution you may need to have a return ticket that states you're not planning on staying in the country indefinitely.

Hanna said...

Correction: My husband and son didn't enter on tourist visas; no visas were necessary.

Jackie Bolen said...

Thanks for the tips!