Monday, December 19, 2011

Reader Question...Masters degree but no experience

Hey there readers. 3 cheers for the semester ending! I decided on a spur of the moment trip to Canada to visit the family but one long layover, a cancelled flight and no more flights for 24 hours to Edmonton has= an outrageous amount of sleepy hours hanging around the San Francisco Airport drinking coffee. The good news is that is sure is cheap and you get a full cup! Anyway, only 12 more hours or so and I should be in the Great White North, relaxing at the parent's house eating Christmas Baking and fighting the crowds at Wal-Mart.

Here is a reader question from Natalie. She has a Masters Degree (I'm assuming it's unrelated) but very little in the way of Esl teaching experience and has not been to Korea. She wonders if she can get a Uni job in Korea and how to apply.

It is very difficult to get a Uni job for your first job in Korea. Most people get their start at a public school or hagwon and then work their way up to a uni in their second or third year.
Most unis will want in person interviews but will not offer any compensation for coming from overseas for them. However, if you still want to try your luck, check out They have lots of uni job ads on there.


Anonymous said...

My plan all along was to do a year of hagwon and then network to a college job.

Here's the thing -- colleges and uni's, even "good" ones, probably have smaller budgets than a typical hagwon. They simply don't have the money to supply airfare.

An MA with no teaching experience is still an MA, but IMO with a recent uptick in applications you'll never find a college that will want to fly you over here sight unseen, especially when (to be blunt) there's already somebody over here who will do it cheaper (i.e., no airfare).

Now China, however. . . .

Jackie Bolen said...

Yeah, it's true. Definitely no uni will pay for airfare (for the interview or the actual job). After all, who wouldn't want to hire someone where they can do an in-person interview.