Thursday, December 6, 2012

You know what I find amazing?

These past couple of days, I've been doing review for my basic, conversational English classes.  The test is next week and these days were the last class before the test.  So, I made up 8 example questions that were almost identical to some of the questions on the test, and I covered every style of question that they're going to encounter on the test.  And, without fail, at least 5 of the 30 students in each class were sleeping, cruising on their cell-phone, or talking to their friend.  Another 10 or 15 didn't even bother to write down the examples.

Crazy.  I don't quite understand.

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Jocelyn Choi said...

Hi, I'm a Korean American ESL teacher. I currently teach the adult population in the US at the college level and I've been teaching adult Koreans for 2+ years. Students are taught study habits that are not easy to shake. Just as you are wondering why they are not paying attention to ther review, they're thinking they are not interested so much in learning and critical thinking; they're in a habit of rote memorization. They will do well on the test for that reason. If they don't understand something, most likely, they will not ask- especially in front of other students unless they are absolutely sure that everyone has the same question...