Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Sorry for the lack of updates. Things are busy these days with the new semester underway.  I have a refreshing change from the engineering students of last semester and now teach students with majors like International Trade, Tourism or Business Administration.  Let's just say that their general English skills are far, far superior to my students from last semester. 

And, I've started studying online for the Delta, module 1.  It's the step beyond the Celta course and consists of 3 modules.  1 and 3 are possible to do online, but module 2 requires practice teaching so will need an in-person component somewhere. 

Anyway, it's intense.  Basically, my grammar skills are really not up to speed and I've had to spend a horrendous amount of time "catching up."  And I have a big test in 10 weeks that is already looming large on the horizon.  Hence the lack of blog updates!   See you again in another month.  Back to the modals, noun phrases and phonetic alphabet for me. 

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