Friday, August 2, 2013


Some good news to report: a pass with distinction on the Delta Module 1 course (the highest possible!)  All that studying was definitely worth it, and not only for the grade.  It actually did get me up to speed with my grammar and Language acquisition theory, especially the grammar.  Now, onwards and upwards with Module 3 in the fall, and hopefully I can find somewhere in this wide world that will offer a module 2 in January or February when I have my vacation (anyone in the know?)

Anyway, my tips for those doing the Delta Module 1 test:

1. Go with The Distance Delta for an online option.  From my informal inquiries, it seems like a cheaper and far better choice than Bell.  And, I definitely did feel very prepared for the test.

2.  Use quizlet to study definitions.  Just search "Delta terminology" for pre-made sets.  I did this on the subway or bus when I was going to work.

3. Practice tests are extremely important.  I can't emphasize this enough.

4. While knowing your stuff (grammar/terminology/theory) is important, I would say it's almost more important to know HOW to take the test.  For each question, I paid very careful attention to any tips given to me during the preparation, and also comments by the examiners on the previous tests.

5. I had a "bank" of sample answers from which to draw from.  For many sections of the test, there are about 10-20 possible answers (look at answers from previous tests), from which you had to choose 3-6 that were most applicable.  If you have a bank from which to draw from, it's much easier and faster than trying to come up with these answers on the spot.

6.  Practice working quickly during your mock exams/assignments.  Time could definitely be an issue, but I had enough time to actually put in "extra" answers.  For example: some questions only required 6 points, but I had time to write 7 or 8, just in case one of them was wrong.  You aren't penalized for "wrong" answers, you only get credit for "right" ones. 

7. Keep up to date on the assignments and readings.  It really is one of those things that you need to study pretty consistently for 3-4 months in order to pass.  If you wait until the last  couple weeks before the test to cram it in, it will be almost impossible because there's so much potential material and test taking strategies to cover. '

8. And, as you're reading, compile a "master" study sheet.  I actually only read all the readings twice and normally just went from the study paper I made myself.  Much more concise, without all the fluff.  And speaking of "fluff," I did exactly NONE of the "extra" readings and still got the highest mark :) 

9.  Don't forget to buy yourself An A-Z of ELT .  It's the ultimate reference book for doing the Delta!

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Sharon said...

Delta mod 3 is cheaper through Bell.