Sunday, December 8, 2013

Four Corners 2 Speaking Test

The semester is coming to a close, which means it's speaking test time!  Here are my test questions, loosely based on 4 Corners 2, units 5-9 which I gave to the students beforehand.  There are 9 questions, and I interview 3 students at the same time, so 3 questions/student (randomly chosen). It takes around 13 minutes for the group of 3.

Note that these are just general categories--I will never give students questions more specific than this since it leads to just straight memorization and isn't really an accurate reflection of actual conversation ability.

I grade the students based on 4 categories, all equally weighted: understand the questions/grammar +vocab/fluency/interesting + detailed answers.

1. Healthy/ Unhealthy habits.  How often/ how much/how many

2. TV.  Pg. 56/ 59

3. Shopping.  Where do you buy clothes?  Why/ how often, etc.

4. A market in your neighborhood (look at pages 72/73).  

5. Places to visit.  Should/ Can.  Page 77-5 (speaking)

6. Where can I…..? (page 142).

7. Jobs: best/ worst in your opinion (from page 86).

8.Page 86-2.  Who would you like to meet?  What are 3 or 4 interesting questions you would ask them.

9.Who is a person that you admire (past or present).  Where/when/what, etc….? What were/are they like?

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