Saturday, February 8, 2014

Reader Questions: Korean Uni Jobs

(I just landed my first uni job, but I don't have a Masters degree).  I would like to invest in getting my masters in education in TESOL. I heard from a friend that it is possible to take intense courses in Seoul during my vacations from the university. Have you heard of this program? Is it worth it?
My answer: I have no idea what you're talking about.  There are a million and one TESOL courses in the world.  Worth it? I also have no idea.  If you're planning on staying in Korea for the long-term, then probably yes.  If you're going back home to do whatever, then likely not.
If I stay at my Uni job for two years, but do not get a masters would that hurt my chances of moving back into Seoul? 

I'm actually very surprised that you managed to land any uni job at all.  Consider yourself lucky.  Moving into Seoul?  Not a chance without a masters unless you happen to get something last minute or personally know the person who does the hiring.  A couple years ago, I was applying for uni jobs (with a Masters and 5 years uni experience) and only got interviews for about 1/2 the jobs I applied for in Seoul.  And I was a prime candidate (young-ish, North American female with experience).

What could I expect at an entry level position at a University?
If you read beyond the first page of this blog, you'll see that I've talked about this extensively.  Use the helpful sidebar labels to find what you're looking for (testing, lesson planning, textbook selection, etc).

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