Monday, July 28, 2014

Sleeping students

This summer, I'm teaching an internship preparation class for students who are going to the USA for a year starting in October.  They started classes at the end of June and will continue on until October with only a one week break in August.  The thing that is difficult (and perhaps not well thought-out by the admin) is that the classes are from 9-6, Monday-Friday.

I honestly try my best to make classes interesting and very rarely have problems with sleeping students.  I do lots of different activities and include lots of partner work and opportunities to stand up and move around and do different stuff to prevent the tiredness.  BUT, this class I just had today is terrible for sleeping and the good students tell me it's not just me because many people sleep in all the other classes.  What to do?  It's pretty demoralizing to have so many students sleeping, but I can also understand because they're in class for a ridiculous amount of time each week.

Readers: help please!

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