Thursday, August 14, 2014

On Organization, Part 2

 Yesterday, I talked about my experience in working for admins who are not really teachers and how that can lead to less than ideal results.  Today, I'll talk about the qualities of admins that I like to work for:

1. They are teachers, or ex-teachers.  They actually have spent a good amount of time in the classroom.

2. They give enough information to teachers about the class, but then are also hands-off in terms of actual teaching.

3. They filter the ridiculous.  One student complaining about something?  They never let it get to the teacher.  5 students saying the same thing?  They'll let the teacher know.  Discretion is required!

4. They want to improve their programs, which involves getting feedback from teachers at the end of the course.

5. They have clear, achievable goals for the students.

6. They do placement tests and divide the students into appropriate levels. 

7. They are easy to talk to.  This involves speaking English at least at an intermediate level and having some understanding of "Western" culture. 

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