Monday, September 16, 2013

Personality Game Powerpoint

personality game esl
Personality Game 
Most books have a unit of some sort on "personality."  Here is a game that I made which is the perfect way to finish your class.

1. Put the teams in groups of 4-7 and have them choose a "captain"

2. The captain sits at the front with a pen and a paper and their teammates also have a pen and paper.

3.  Put up the questions 1 by 1 and have the captain write down their answer and their team has to guess what the captain's answer is.

4. My 2 rules are that the captain must have eyes forward and hands together (ie: no signalling the answer to their team) and the teams must talk quietly.

5. Check answers at the end, and if matching, the team gets a point.  The winner gets a prize at the end!

The game takes around 20 minutes, but you could do more or less questions obviously to suit your time constraints.

Personality Game PPT

And for a little more information on personality types, which could be adapted to higher levels, check out this book:

Free: 40 Tried and Tested ESL Games and Activities

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Come see my presentation on Teaching Public Speaking and Presentation Skills!

I'm considering changing the name of this blog from, "My Life: Teaching in a Korean University" to "The rarely updated, yet still fabulous blog about teaching in a Korean University."  Thoughts?

Anyway, the real news is that I'll be giving a presentation at the Kotesol Fall Mini-Conference in Busan next weekend (Saturday, Sept. 14th) at the Pusan University of Foreign Studies (PUFS).  The conference runs from 2-5:15ish, but you can see my presentation at 4:00.  I'll be talking about how to teach presentation and public speaking skills.  It's "101" style so perfect for those who've never taught it before.  It's free and everyone is welcome, even non-Kotesol members.  Hope to see you there.  And of course: all the information found here.   

Check out my #1 book for teaching presentations and public speaking: Speaking of Speech.