Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Foreign Teachers Returning to their Home Countries

This Blog Has Moved

Hey there everyone. In case you haven't updated your readers, this blog has moved to a new, much better site. It's still Jackie, talking about the same kinds of stuff but it's just way easier to navigate than this thing(ie: it has a menu!). Check out:

My Life! Teaching in a Korean University, take 2.

A New Book

In other news, I've been working away all summer and the result is another book which is up on Amazon. I'm heading back to Canada in a few months and am so freaked out by the whole thing that I decided to get as informed as possible about it. This book is the result of that:

Life After ESL: Foreign Teachers Returning Home

If you want a few more details about it, check out this post I did over on another one of my blogs where I talk about how I gathered the information, topics I cover, etc.:

Let's Talk Life After Teaching ESL Abroad

Over and out for the next few months!