Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kids vs. Uni Students

I teach in this extra program at my school for elementary and middle school kids from around Cheonan who have been classified as "gifted." They really are pretty good at English and seem to soak up everything like a sponge. I only teach them about once a month, which turns out to be pretty enjoyable most of the time. The major difference is this:

I have to control their energy. Like they'll actually start yelling and stuff in the classroom if I don't lay down the hammer. And once I do, it will all go quite smoothly after that. I'm constantly saying, "Calm down, quiet please, relax." Uni students, when I walk in the class are already sleeping, irregardless of anything I have done or how boring I have been. I need to liven them up and get them to stand up or something to get some energy going.

Anyway, it's a good break from the normal world. I would suggest this to you, to mix it up a bit if you can. Teach some kids, teach some adults at least once a month.

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