Thursday, May 14, 2009

Writing Activities

Yesterday, in my advanced conversation class I wanted to do some fun writing activities to mix it up a bit, for me and for them. A bit of internet searching provided me with these good ideas:

1. Madlib. The students write down words in a certain order. Example. #1: noun, #2: place #3: number #4: adjective. Then there's a secret story that the words go into. Very funny and a good warm-up activity.

2. Then I did some group writing activities. Each student got a story starter. Example: I can't believe it... The most embarrassing thing happened yesterday.... Tomorrow, I'm going on vacation to.... I just saw a UFO.... Then each student writes one or two sentences and passes their paper on to the next student to continue the story. I did it as well and would check grammar as we went along and to liven up the story if it was getting boring by writing something shocking/funny. Then I read them out at the end. Very funny. If you want to be a super-teacher, you could go over their writing mistakes.

3. List some emotions: Anger/fear/ hate/love, etc. Pick one and then make a poem with the 5 senses. Love tastes like..... Love smells like.... etc. A good time all around.

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