Monday, June 1, 2009

The basics

My horrible Korean class is reminding me of the basics. For example:

1. Always make sure that the students are on the right page. This seems obvious, especially with only 3 students, but I guess to some it's not.

2. When you do an activity, you should probably have some follow-up. For example, when you do a listening activity and are forced to listen to the dialogue 8 or 10 times, there should probably be some questions or something so it doesn't just seem like a tedious, time-waster.

3. If the students hate something, don't insist on doing it every class, especially if it's not that useful. Singing. We all hate it. We've told our teacher every time she's insisted on doing it. And yet, what do we keep doing? Singing. It makes me angry.

4. And time-fillers. Going over test answers when she's written all the correct ones in for us. Singing. Listening things over and over and over. Coloring. Busy-work, worksheets. Avoid at all costs. It's just not cool.

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