Thursday, June 18, 2009

Writing on the board

Who doesn't like writing on the board, when you're a student? I get kind of sick of it, but the students seem to be fascinated by it for some reason. So at least a couple times a semester, I will do some sort of race, where there are 5 or 6 students up at the board and they have to write down the answer. Then I switch it up and the next teammate comes up and does the same. This is kind of genius for review sessions. Try it out!

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BRB, Korea! said...


As a newbie leaving for Korea this week, I was looking all over for a site that had some simple teaching tips. I had no luck until I found your blog!

I read the entire thing in one sitting. In particular, I really liked the stamp idea (so much so that I ran out and got a few stamps with ink pads) and I've started copying down some of your game ideas and thinking about how to make lessons that use "one more question".

I guess what I'm getting at is that your blog is exactly what I was looking for, from the exemplary lesson plans to the teaching tips you commented on.