Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do my students know...

...that they could get kicked out of a uni in North America for doing the very same thing they try to do in front of my eyes?

Like, I try to minimize the cheating by not doing any written homework or assignment and being heavy on the speaking tests where there is almost no possible way to cheat. Except they try.

For example, this week I'm doing speaking tests in my office with groups of 4 or 6 randomly picked students from the class. And then out of those people, I pick 2 of them to ask each other 4 questions from a list I've prepared ahead of time. I listen and evaluate. I've had at least one student in the class have the questions written on their hand, back of their phone, their binder, etc. Do they think I won't notice them looking down all the time? Bizarre.

Or, the people that aren't going try to connive and figure out what questions they're going to ask each other. Do they think I don't notice them talking and pointing to the sheet. There are only 6 of them.

Sigh. How did this ever become okay in Korea? Ethics? Personal integrity?

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