Thursday, October 29, 2009

Video Logging

...I teach in this evening class where the students have been doing blogging and vlogging (video). It's been pretty fun to teach, because it's the kind of stuff that I actually like doing in my real life. However, one word of caution. If the students are not so advanced, it might not be that useful. Like, my coworker and I who designed the program were told that the students were the best of the best as far as English goes. In reality, they were similar to my average student in freshman English. Meaning, a basic textbook covering the basics of English would have been far more helpful perhaps.

Anyway, equipment was a bit of an issue as well, with the girl who was supposed to be taking care of video for us never coming to class despite the assurances of the coordinator. So, I took things into my own hands and actually figured out how to make videos on my macbook. It was outrageously easy, using Imovie. I learned how to do it about 30 minutes and it was exactly what we needed for our purposes in the class. Then, I uploaded them either to the class blog (blogger), which took an outrageously long time. So, I switched to youtube and then embedding the link onto the blog.

Results here

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