Saturday, February 6, 2010

In response to some reader questions....

This is in response to Jo, who sent just me an email:

"1. Can you recommend text books for 1st and 2nd year uni students who speak very little English?"

I love World Link a lot. I use level one in my classes, but my students are middle of the road university in Korea, so generally can at least understand the readings/have heard the vocab in the book before. There is a starter, which might work for beginners, who've only studied English for high school, or something like that.

The things I like most about World Link are the Workbook, Teacher's Resource Book (fun games/activities for each unit) and the online quizzes and exercises.

Beyond that, Smart Choice might be another alternative, but I'm not sure how the difficulty compares to World Link.

Textbook selection is not my area of expertise and I haven't personally used that many of them.

2. Syllabus

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