Saturday, February 6, 2010


And part 2 of the question from Jo:

"Do you have any advice on the writing of syllabus or any examples you maybe be able to show me?"

Some general advice:

1. Simple language. If your students don't really speak English, get someone to translate it for you and do a side/side kind of thing.

2. Only the basics. They won't understand teaching philosophy, etc. unless they are very high level students

3. Make sure you have your contact info on it.

Here is my most recent one from last semester:

*****University, Practical English Communication
Office # ****, **** Building
Email: ******

Textbook: ************


1. Bring your book. No book=no study. Go home!

2. Listen to the teacher and other students.

3. No cell-phones.

4. Be on time. I will lock the door 10 minutes after class starts.

5. Nametag, everyday.


1. Participation/attendance: 20%

2. Midterm Exam 20% speaking. 20% grammar/writing. Units 7-9

3. Final Exam 20 % speaking. 20% grammer/writing. Units 10-12

4. Attendance. Fiver times not here = "F"

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Unknown said...

How do you grade participation/attendance?