Friday, June 4, 2010

It explains a lot

Let's just say this: That when you're teaching at a middle of the road or low end uni in Korea, you're not exactly teaching the brightest and the best as you might be back home.  A shockingly high 82 % of high school graduates go to uni in Korea.

Wow. I thought it was high but I had no idea it was this high.  No wonder college eduated people are working at cell-phone shops, driving taxis, arranging flowers and cutting hair. 


DSW said...

I've never had the pleasure of working in a Korean university, but a few friends have told me some things... like that when a student (at some universities, presumably not all) pays for his class, the tutor pretty much passes them regardless. Some students go into the military and are automatically given passing grades.

Maybe that was an exaggeration, but I've heard it from a few normally reliable sources.

Kimberly Perrott 킴 벌 리 said...

Do you teach with an english faculty at an korean university or at a langauge centre at a korean university.

how would you compare the quality of students in either category?

Jackie Bolen said...

Rum's all true. And very annoying.

Kimberly: I teach at both, one is my regular job and the other one is OT. The students in the language center are better because they want to be there. The other classes in the faculty of English are mandatory freshman English so very few of the students are excited about it.