Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A reader question about the Celta

This one from Jill:
 "At the moment I am seriously considering a teaching job in Korea-preferably in or near Seoul and preferably in Uni or Public school. I have teaching credentials but no ESL Cert. Do you think I should get the Celta?"

 The Cambridge Celta is the standard in the one-month ESL teaching programs.  Of course, having a Masters degree in Tesol or something is better, but if you don't have the time, money, or inclination then this is the next best thing.  That is, if you want to go teach in almost any country besides Korea.  I cruise the ESL Cafe international jobs board periodically and it seems like almost any job in Europe, South America, the Middle East, many parts of Asia want a Celta certificate along with a uni degree.  Koreans, even English teaching professionals generally don't even know what the Celta is and will often hire people based on appearance vs. actual qualifications.  So my advice for you?  Spend the Celta money to hire a professional photographer to take the picture that you will attach to your resume.  Only kind of joking. 

Actually, if you are serious about teaching, then the Celta is a very good thing to do.  You will learn how to teach ESL and make it work in the classroom.  I've basically only heard good things about the course.  So, do it for your own improvement but don't expect it to get you anything in terms of pay or additional job offers in Korea.  And...if you work in public schools, there are pay scales.  Having a Celta will get you an additional 100 000 a month or something like that.  But so will a cheap-o 100-hour online thing :)


Jason said...

I did a huge amount of research about the CELTA program and while I agree it's the cream of all certificates barring doing a Master's in TESOL I'd also add that it's ESL/EFL boot camp--literally.

If you're not planning to do ESL/EFL as a career, and you're planning to teach in Korea, I think a 100 hour online ESL/EFL will be more than adequate, significantly cheaper, and give you the exposure you need to the basic methods...

If ARE thinking ESL/EFL is a possible career then CELTA is the way to go.

That's my two cents on that...

By the way, I love this blog!

Jackie Bolen said...

Thanks for the comment Jason. You give some good advice. I'm happy you love the blog!

Andrew@GoOverseas said...

I think a CELTA certification is definitely worth while, even if you plan to teach for only a year. You'll earn back the added cost + more from a higher salary, and it will give you the confidence required to be an effective teacher in the classroom.

This is my experience at least after teaching English in Taiwan for two years.

Good luck!

Jackie Bolen said...

Andrew...I agree with the confidence thing, but in Korea a Celta does not equal higher salary.