Thursday, July 1, 2010

English Only!

An interesting story from Brian about Kaist, a university here in Korea that has an English only policy.  It was recently introduced, controversially by their Korean-American president, but may be on the outs, since his term is soon to expire and he's not being renewed.

Anyway, my thoughts on this.  If Korea is actually serious about being the "Hub of Asia," as they seem so desperate to be, it's time to start instituting more English only zones.  Not only universities, but by teaching certain subjects in middle and high schools in English.  Hire foreign teachers, certified to teach high school math or science or whatever, if you must, until Koreans are able to take over.  This will open the doors to foreign students by breaking down the language barrier that makes it so difficult to exist, much less thrive here at times as a foreigner.  And make a decree that all national universities will be English speaking zones only.  Soon, other universities would follow suit I think.  Then, instead of graduating students who don't really know English, but got a good score on the Toefl test, students would actually be fluent.  And able to converse with the world outside Korea.

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