Sunday, August 1, 2010

Handling Disruptive Students

Sorry for the lack of updates my readers.  I'm in Toronto for a few weeks, meeting my new 5 month old niece, drinking micro-brews and apple cider, eating copious amounts of avocado, sandwiches and bakery items, and going for bike rides around the suburbs, without fear of death. 

Anyway, here is an article on disruptive students that I ran across, which you might find helpful. It covers the basics. 

As the author points out, establishing rules, and sticking with them are the most important things.  How it works out in my classroom?

I list my rules at the beginning of the semester.  Things such as: the door gets locked 10 minutes after class starts, no cell-phones, or please listen to the teacher and the other students.  Then, I will list consequences.  Usually the first time is a warning, then the next time is out of the class.  For kids, I'm a bit more lenient and will give 2 freebies.  I will never, ever back down.  I've waited at the door for 10 minutes at times, waiting for the disruptive student to leave the class.  I will never get angry but just wait patiently.  The student has always backed down. 

To go along with this, I try to emphasize the positive by always having some sort of reward system in place.  And giving lots of verbal praise to the students who are doing good work. 

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