Saturday, August 14, 2010

My syllabus for the next semester

Book: Susan Stempleski: World Link, Book 1 Student Book.  Units 7-12. (No homework book)

Rules:          1. Bring your book.  No book=no study.  Go home!
                        2. Listen!
                        3. No cell-phones (only dictionary).
                        4. Be on time. 10 minutes late=no problem.  11 minutes late=door is locked.
                        5. Nametag.
                        6. Try to speak English!

If you miss 5 classes, you get “F.”  I only accept kyeol-gung-won for VERY SERIOUS things. Example: your mother or grandfather dies.  You are in a car accident.   

I don’t accept them for: festival, colds, sports game, stomachache, army body check, etc.

If you miss 4 classes, it’s okay, but your final grade will be low (if you want A/A+, then come to every class). 


Participation/Attendance: 15%

If you are on-time, with your book, pencil, and nametag on your desk, you will get 1 stamp.  1 stamp=1 %.  No book, late, no nametag=no point. 

We play many games in class.  The winner gets a stamp. 

Midterm Exam: 20%.

Final Exam: 25%. 

Projects: 20%  (2 x 10%).  #1: information paper next week.  #2: in November.

Group Project (You’re the teacher!): 20%. (0ct. 11-15 and Nov. 29-Dec. 3).  More information later. 

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