Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The amazingness of Google docs

Do you know the genius of Google docs?  It's helped me become a much more organized person, with regard to my teaching for the following reasons:

1.I no longer worry about USB sticks, or emailing myself documents, or any of that annoying stuff.  I just use Google docs and then I can open anything, anywhere that has internet.   This works amazingly well for any powerpoint stuff that I use in class.

2. I have a MAC, which in Korea sometimes just doesn't work out.  Many Korean computers are not compatible with any Word or Text MAC file that I would try to open on them.  However, by using Google docs this is not a problem.

3. I now keep a much better record of my lesson plans/syllabus/tests.  In fact, I do them all on Google docs and plan on keeping them forever.  And, it will be so easy to search for what I need.  And, I can revise them easily from anywhere.

You can check out A Geek in Korea's blog for his ode to Google Docs.

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