Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reader Question: Masters vs TEFL certificate

These ones from Sam:

"In terms of Uni jobs, will the Masters be better than the TEFL certification?
Second, which online TEFL certificate programs would you recommend and how many hours minimum would you advise?
Third,  Could you recommend several websites,books, or any resources to help me generate effective ESL lessons, games, and teaching techniques catering to the college level."
First, a TEFL certificate is almost worthless in Korea since most employers don't even seem to know what they are/care about them.  I think, if you  do one when you work at a public school you make a bit of extra money every month.  Besides that, not important.  If you don't have a Masters in something, your chances of getting a uni job here are small (but not impossible). 

Second, I would never recommend an online TEFL certificate because it's the observed/observing classroom teaching that is most helpful in becoming a good teacher.  I've heard amazing things about the CELTA course.  I plan on doing it one of these days.  

Third, check my sidebar.  I have lots of links to books, sites, and podcasts that I like. 


The Mobile Professional said...

Thank you for answering my questions.

Jackie Bolen said...

No problem. I'm happy to help.