Thursday, February 24, 2011

A little mid-day hear-say

So my readers, I like to think of myself as a disperser of information.  I dash about here and there on the internet gleaning only the best little tidbits to give to you.  But now, check this out.  I have some original information.  Kind of.  I was talking to my coworkers at our little beginning of semester meeting and people were telling me that needing Criminal Record Checks and Health Checks if you're renewing your contract was not necessary until 2012.  Which I kind of knew already, but didn't believe.  But now, I have faith.  I'm officially a believer.

And you can put it on record that I will officially be leaving Korea before whatever time I would need all that crap.  Kind of like a protest of something.  Whatever.

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be.the.remnant said...

What happened with the chungdam case? Any word. I'm going through a similar thing....