Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Reader Question...only a 2 year associates degree

These ones from Jenniffer:

" I was intested in joining JET/ EPIK but was concerned it might be a problem as I am still in college and only have my two year associates degree currently. I was more interested in the public schools or universities rather than the hagwans and what have you's
I'm also still trying to decide between countries, I thought China would be a big no no for me seeing how our countries have a delicate relationship right now."

To answer your questions in two parts:

1. You will have an extremely hard time finding a job in Korea with only a 2 year "degree" (I would hesitate to even use that name for it).  I have heard of some people working for peanuts out in the countryside in some sort of special program or something, but perhaps the best option is to just get a 4-year degree if you're serious about teaching ESL. 

As for a uni job?  Impossible, even with a 4-year degree.  You have no experience or connections.  Public school jobs?  They are very competitive, and even with a 4-year degree not that easy to procure these days. 

2. China.  The average person on the street won't care that you're an American.   Just don't sport your flag proudly on your t-shirts or whatever and try to blend in and act chilled out (a good rule for any time you travel abroad).  And, this is the one country in Asia where you might actually have a slim glimmer of hope for getting a job with a 2-year thing.


Brian said...

TaLK for a semester?

Jackie Bolen said...

Possible...but isn't the pay terrible?