Saturday, November 5, 2011

Did you know......

....that Korea has 4 seasons?  Joking!  Of course we all know that.

Anyway, did you know that English Grammar has 8 basic parts of speech?  Despite being an English Teacher, I didn't know this for the first couple of years I was teaching.  Here is a little site for Grammar Newbies:

Basic Grammar for ESL Teachers

And did you know that Flashcard games and activities are where it's at!  Here are my Top 5 Flashcard Games honed from my years at the Hagwon and teaching kids camps here at my uni.

Free: 40 Tried and Tested ESL Games and Activities

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Hanna said...

One of my fave places for grammar help (and for explanations to help my students) can be found at
With my students, I often find that they have a very good understanding of the grammar, but they have a lot of trouble applying correct forms to their spoken English (usually they just end up defaulting to simple present). I find, as an English teacher, actually having the knowledge to explain the tenses/forms/structures and everything really helps them in the class when we are doing speaking activities to complement our grammar classes. However, I've also found that a lot of English teachers have a deplorable knowledge of grammar basics. So, so sad.. *sniff*