Thursday, November 3, 2011

Reader Question...Contact with Unis

This one from Dan:

"My wife and I just moved to City X last month to teach in a Hagwon. I have a Masters in Social Work, and my wife has an MBA and a Law degree. We live right next to the university here and wondered how to make contacts there for possible work next year.

Is there a way to introduce ourselves directly to department heads? Or do we need to find some kind of contact that will introduce us? Any suggestions for how to make contact?"

My answer:

I hope you guys make it through the year at a hagwon. It can be a tough time, especially for those that have had real jobs in the real world back home.  My top tip for you is to remember that it's a business and don't get stressed out about decisions made from this standpoint, as opposed to actual educational goals.

Anyway, to the question.  Making contact with those in charge of hiring at that specific uni can be quite difficult.  You probably won't even be able to figure out who these people are until you see a job ad posted somewhere like ESL Cafe.  Your best hope is to make friends with the foreigners at that uni.  Hang out in the local expat bar in town and you're sure to meet a few of them.  Or, attend a local chapter meeting of Kotesol and you'll meet lots of uni teachers there.

Become friends with these people and they will probably be happy to introduce you to their bosses, or drop off a resume when it comes time.  By the way, the new uni semesters start in September and March, so you have to time it right.

And of course, keep your eyes on the job ads, especially ESL Cafe. 

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