Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Celta and Technology in Teaching

One of the major frustrations I have for the Celta course is that I'm not allowed to use any technology in teaching, even though the center has a fabulous Interactive Whiteboard system that is more fabulous than the computer console I normally use at my Uni.  For example, this week the lesson that I have to teach is "prepositions of place."  I think it's very necessary vocab for students to have, but it also has a high potential to be dead-boring.  Which is why, when I teach it in  my real-life, I'll always get a little video or pictures of a real city or some sort of fun PPT game to make it more exciting.  Sometimes even all 3.  It helps to make the lesson fun and memorable.  And not boring.  But, for this Celta lesson, I feel like I've been put into a box that I don't like.  Kind of like being a boxer with only 1 arm.

And these days, doesn't everyone use technology to teach?  I just assume that any University (or adult-teaching) situation that I walk into will have a computer console, or an Interactive Whiteboard, or at the very least a projector of some sort so I can hook up my own computer or Ipad.  It seems to me that the Celta course is a bit behind the times and although they might have some good rationale behind not getting on-board the technology bandwagon, I don't like it!


Michael said...

What happens when your network is down? Speakers broken? Overhead projector broken or (more likely) the remote to operate it is lost?

Does every CELTA grad take a uni job in Korea?

CELTA prepares you to teach unplugged because that is the situation a lot of teachers will find themselves in.

You can always adapt and incorporate technology later. The trouble begins when you have relied on tech and find yourself in a position where it is not available.

Jackie Bolen said...

I think there's a happy balance! I guess I wouldn't be so frustrated if I was a total newbie teacher who had never been in a classroom before.