Thursday, April 12, 2012

Celta Teaching Practice #3

Another pass!  Only 5 more to go.  I didn't get an above standard due mostly to laziness on my part.  We're given a textbook to "teach from" but often, it's not really that great and if you follow the activities/practice precisely, it can cause you to fail since it doesn't have all the steps you need for each kind of lesson.  Anyway, the page I was given wasn't that fabulous, so I combined some stuff from the workbook with some stuff from the student book, and made my own freer-practice activity, but as it turns out, I should have just forgotten the book altogether and made my own thing.  Which I knew as I was writing my lesson plan.  But, I didn't want to believe that I really couldn't use anything and that not only did I have to make a 6-page lesson plan, but that I had to re-do an entire textbook page. 

Anyway, it wasn't close to a fail, just not fabulous.  Lesson learned for next time!

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