Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Review Game for Midterm Exam

This is my midterm exam review game.  I usually just write it up in pen on paper, but I was inspired to be more organized :)  Anyway, I'll explain how I use this and how it works:

I draw up the same grid on the chalkboard and then put the students in 4 or 5 teams.

E=easy question (2 points)
M=medium (4 points)
D= difficult (6 points)

You can see the questions I used below the grid.  They are directly from the study paper that I gave my students for the midterm exam (only speaking, 1-1 with me).

Then, there are special squares:

T=Typhoon (lose all points)
H=Hurricane (choose 1 team, -5 points)
V= Vacation (+5 free points)

I go around the class from team-team and then the students have to choose a square.  I write up what letter they get and then ask a question/add points, etc.  At the end, the winning team gets a prize of some sort.  It's an easy, fun way to do review and I always add additional commentary for almost every answer.  Like, if it was a A/B/C..answer, or how it could be improved, etc.

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