Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Picture Quest

Today is a beautiful day outside here in South Korea, and the students were just coming back from a long vacation.  We've been working hard in class lately, so I decided to give the students a bit of a break.  I made a Picture Quest and put them in teams of 5 or 6 people.   I shared the link with them on Twitter and they could download it onto their phones.  I flashed it up on Powerpoint and explained the purpose and the rules.  Then, I gave them 5 minutes to make a plan and translate anything that they needed to, as well as ask me any questions.  And then I sent them off.

Essentially, the students have to take pictures of all the things listed as quickly as possible and the first (second/third) place teams to come back, get a prize of some sort. worked really, really well.  Like this class that I just had is generally unenthusiastic about anything, but they really enjoyed it!  Success!  However, I'm not sure I would necessarily do this at a public school or hagwon.  I'm lucky at my job in that nobody is looking over my shoulder at what I do and it's fine to send students outside for some fun on a nice day.


David said...

good activity to break guys in after Chuseok. this could be a good icebreaker when the semesters starts again.

TellEsl said...

Thanks for this! I think I might try it with my afterschool classes or camps in the wintertime. :)