Monday, September 16, 2013

Personality Game Powerpoint

personality game esl
Personality Game 
Most books have a unit of some sort on "personality."  Here is a game that I made which is the perfect way to finish your class.

1. Put the teams in groups of 4-7 and have them choose a "captain"

2. The captain sits at the front with a pen and a paper and their teammates also have a pen and paper.

3.  Put up the questions 1 by 1 and have the captain write down their answer and their team has to guess what the captain's answer is.

4. My 2 rules are that the captain must have eyes forward and hands together (ie: no signalling the answer to their team) and the teams must talk quietly.

5. Check answers at the end, and if matching, the team gets a point.  The winner gets a prize at the end!

The game takes around 20 minutes, but you could do more or less questions obviously to suit your time constraints.

Personality Game PPT

And for a little more information on personality types, which could be adapted to higher levels, check out this book:

Free: 40 Tried and Tested ESL Games and Activities

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Unknown said...

Thanks! I think my high school students will love this game.