Sunday, November 17, 2013

Introducing can/should

There's always that unit in the book with "Can/ Can't" for possibility/impossibility and "should/shouldn't" for advice.  Here is my fabulously fun way to introduce it, such that even the lowest of the low classes, quietest of the quietest classes will participate.

Tell them you want to go on vacation somewhere in Korea and need their advice.

"Where should I go?"

Collect some answers.  I usually choose Jeju Island, for reasons you'll see later.

"Should I go in summer?"  Yes, no, etc.

"So what can I do there?"  Blah, blah.

"How can I get there?"  Airplane?  "Can I swim?"  Hahaha!  Crazy teacher.  No, you can't.

Elicit some answers and have a bit of fun with it.  Write up on the board/PPT:

Where should I go?/ Should I.....?
What can I do there?  Can I....?

and you're good to go!

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