Monday, November 18, 2013

Life in Cities Intro Activity

This is the perfect way to introduce the "Life in Cities" unit that you find in most conversation or 4 skills textbooks (Four Corners Level 2, Unit 8 for me).  I hand out the questions (see link below) and put the students in groups or 2 or 3.  I give them about a minute to read the questions before watching the video.  Then, they watch the video and take some notes.  The video has a wee bit of the cheeze factor going for it, but it's graded appropriately for Korean University students.  At the end, I give them 3-4 minutes to compile their answers in their group and make one "good" paper to hand to another team to check.  The teams with the highest number of correct questions get a stamp in my class (my reward system, which equals grades), or you could give a prize of some sort.  It takes around 20-25 minutes total for a big class (30 students).

Life in London Questions

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