Friday, May 16, 2014

A fabulous board game to play with your students

Yesterday, I had my Internship preparation class with extremely high-level students (basically fluent) and these days, only 4-5 students are coming because a lot of them have already gone to America.  We've been studying for months now, quite seriously so I decided to play King of Tokyo with them.

King of Tokyo is one of my favorite games because it's fast, reasonably easy to explain but also contains lots of strategic play.  The only kind of difficult thing for ESL/ EFL students would be the cards, which can be quite wordy.  But, my students loved it.  Like really loved it and one of them actually beat me!  Some of the cards took a bit of an explanation from me but it was actually no problem.  And, my students were extremely cute, actually speaking in English things like, "My only mission is to kill you," or, "I don't want to die."  Haha!

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