Sunday, May 25, 2014

Reader Question: Airfare covered?

This question from David:

"Do I have to pay to fly over or is this covered by most programs?"

My answer:

With the exception of unis, most programs/schools in Korea cover airfare.  Although I think those days are kind of numbered and we'll probably see more and more contracts offering higher salaries in return for no airfare and housing.  If you think about it, it's a pretty big risk for a small school to pay that much upfront for someone, sight unseen.

Outside Korea?  Generally, you'll have to pay your own way with maybe the exception of the Middle East, but most of those jobs require serious qualifications/ experience which is doesn't sound like you have.

Save your pennies!  Another alternative is to find a camp of some sort (common in Asia) which offers you a modest salary and covers your airfare.  It's a way to get your boots on the ground without fronting too much out of your own pocket.

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