Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jackie Bolen around the Internet

Did you  know that I have plenty of others things going on around the Internet than besides just this site?

If you're interested in personal finance or investing or building passive income streams, you could check out:

Freedom Through Passive Income
Freedom Through Passive Income Facebook Page
Twitter: @freedomthroughp
Pinterest: Dividend Stock Investing
Pinterest: Building Passive Income Streams

In you want more about teaching English or South Korea, check out:

How to Get a University Job in South Korea (book on Amazon)
How To Get a Uni Job in Korea (Hubpages-free excerpts from the book)
How to Get a University Job in Korea on Facebook
Twitter: @jlbinkorea
Pinterest: Uni Jobs Korea
HubPages (so many more specific pages like Speaking Activities for ESL Students, or ESL Textbook Reviews)

And finally, more general, amalgamation kind of stuff that I have:

Jackie Bolen's Main Site
Jackie Bolen on HubPages
Twitter: @bolen_jackie
Jackie Bolen on Google Plus

Please connect with me on Social Media. I love to interact with my readers and answer any questions or check out their sites!

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