Tuesday, February 24, 2015

AXA English Website Makes Car Insurance Easy for Expats

Car insurance...we all know that every driver is required to get one to drive in Korea. As much as it’s mandatory, we really want to consider the brand and coverage very carefully, which is never so easy for foreigners like us. So I've always LONGED for a car insurance as easy and convenient as the one in my home country!

Fortunately AXA Direct just opened up a comprehensive English insurance website! While car insurance is a must-have in Korea, no more worries! Thanks to the newly opened English website of a global insurance brand AXA. Every service with car insurance is now available in English.

By the way, are you guys all familiar with AXA? Let us take a quick glance at the brand! AXA is a global insurance brand, with 100 million customers in 56 countries worldwide. Every year, global top 100 brands are chosen by reputable marketing institute ‘Interbrand.’ Here, AXA has been chosen as the NO.1 insurance brand for 6 years in a row! No doubt that their know-how and expertise are exceptional.

If we have to get a car insurance anyhow, I believe it’s best to choose a reliable brand to offer thorough coverage. Now let me guide you through the English website
opened by AXA, world’s best insurance brand.

1)     Best for English speakers like me!

First you move to www.axa.co.kr and try choosing "English" from the language tab on top. The site just comes in a full-English mode SO EASILY.

Other insurance websites provide merely a brief info on products in English. However in AXA, everything is readily available in English from contracts to claims. Now I can choose my own insurance products and understand every single detail about it, all by myself! (Without asking for help to my Korean friends..)

2)     Best for time-savers like me!

Best thing about AXA English website! Do you see the red button that reads “Get a quote in just 5 minutes”? In AXA English Website, even foreigners can easily get quotes and sign up for their own car insurance.

Axa provides quotes, service type confirmation, signing up and much more, all in English on the new site which makes it very accessible to expats in Korea.

Just enter your registration number (ARC), phone number, and car information. Select your driver type, and then!! You see the lists of recommended package that you can immediately subscribe to. I actually timed the whole subscription process with my stop-watch and found it takes around 5 MINUTES ONLY! Also, you can just press “Request a Call” for any difficulties. They let you book a consultation call with exclusive agents for foreigners only! Great news for foreigners like me in Korea, isn’t it?

Personally, I’ve always worried about overcharged insurance premium when I sign up via phone call. (Since I myself am not so good at Korean, so I can’t thoroughly check the product and price info). But no more such worries from now!

3)     Best for accident-anxious like me

Driving in Korea, I think the worst possible situation is indeed traffic accidents. Full of shock and panic, we’ll have to handle all those claim service IN KOREAN… Headache! With AXA Direct, however, no need for struggles with Korean language anymore. We can just feel easy about their thorough and reliable claim service, provided in English. They even have hot-line dedicated for English speakers, providing accident report and emergency road service. At your convenience in English!

Actually, we know it’s very hard to stay calm in an accident situation and calmly explain what exactly happened or where it happened. Considering this, AXA offers quick and easy mobile service for accident report. All in English, you should just tap your location on the mobile map. And then the insurance agent will come superfast to take care of everything for your claim service.

Another great thing. They do provide care service for drivers in relatively minor emergencies. If you’re locked inside your car, if the car unexpectedly stops due to fuel shortage, flat-tire, dead batteries, or for any trouble situations, AXA will come help you with its easy and reliable care. Try AXA’s mobile service and get yourself protected with diverse emergencies.

4)     Best for Discount Lovers Like Me!

AXA provides a variety of discount programs with some items like mileage option or black-box registration. With a mileage option, you pay as much as you drive and get additional discount for driving less (10% off for driving less than 5000km, 5.6% off for driving less than 9000km).
Other programs include black-box registration discount offered to those who drive with black-boxes, and accident-free discount offered for those who drive accident-free for 3 years. These 3 discount programs can be offered all at the same time, providing as much as 21.5% off! Why don’t we visit AXA to find more about it right now?

Reliable English service by a reliable insurance brand!

Click the link below and go find more about AXA.

This post was written for My Life! Teaching in a Korean University with the support of AXA Direct

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