Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cambridge CELTA and DELTA in Korea

I've been getting a huge number of questions from people about doing the CELTA and DELTA in Korea, so here are the details:

celta delta
Celta and Delta in South Korea


Does the CELTA open doors at Korean universities?

Part-time CELTA at the British Council in Seoul

CELTA Lesson Plans

Listening Lesson Plan

Reading Lesson Plan

Grammar Lesson Plan


Is the DELTA worth it?

Is the DELTA recognized by Korean universities?

Is the DELTA possible in Korea?


DELTA module 1 tips

DELTA module 3 tips

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Neilio said...

Bad news from Cambridge's Seoul contact:

"I’m afraid to tell you that we’re not running the CELTA course now. And it’s unlikely that we will run CELTA course in 2015.

However, If you’d like to do the CELTA in Korea, I recommend you contact IGSE (International Graduate School of English), which is another institute that offers CELTA in Korea."

Unfortunately IGSE's English website doesn't work!

Neilio said...

Update: Here is the updated link, and they only offer month long 9-6 programmes.

Iris said...

Hello, may I ask which institution in SEOUL is not running CELTA anymore? Is it British Council in SEOUL?