Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Some Reader Questions...Copy-editing, uni jobs

"I have a bachelor's degree in history and a master's degree in journalism. Does that give me a leg up on the competition? For jobs that start in September, would you say that universities start posting job ads in April or so?

Also, do you also know of the availability of non-teaching jobs, like copy-editing, in Korea?"
My answers:
Yes, a masters in journalism will certainly help you get a uni job.  It ranks somewhere up there with a degree in English, but probably lower than a degree in Tesl or Education.  
Jobs for September will start coming out in April, but the late ones won't be out until July or August so don't give up if you don't get interviews right away.  Unis often do 2-3 rounds of interviews/hires anyway after their top choices decide on another offer.

Copy-editing?  Yes, it's possible but not exactly easy to find.  In my almost decade here, I've met precisely 2 people who worked as editors!  And literally thousands who worked at teachers.   So, you can calculate the odds there :)  

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cackle881 said...

I guess I hadn't considered copy-editing, but that brings up some interesting ideas. Are there any other English-related fields available to foreigners in Korea that are non-teaching?

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Unknown said...

I share the same question as "cackle881". Also, I have a doctorate in pharmaceutics along with a bachelors in science. While these are not English degrees, will I still have a bit of preference in regards to competing applicants for teaching at the Uni level??

Unknown said...

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