Tuesday, December 29, 2015

ESL Activities

If you're looking for some new ideas to keep things fresh, interesting and fun in the classroom, then you'll need to check out these two other websites of mine:

ESL Activities

It has a ton of ESL activities that you can use in your classroom today. They're organized by skill (speaking, listening, reading, writing) as well as age (children or adults) so you'll be able to find what you're looking for in 30 seconds or less. Stop wasting your time wading around through all the junk on the Internet! 

ESL Speaking

The second site to check out is ESL Speaking. I know that most foreign teachers have to focus their classes on conversation and the activities and games you'll find here can help you do that. Everything is organized by children or adults and then into games or activities. Check it out-you'll find lots of new ESL games and activities you can use in your classroom today.


Unknown said...

Hi I’m a freshmen in an american university and I was wondering about working for an international school in the future. In your opinions what do you think would be the best subject to specialize in as a teacher? I’m currently thinking about pursuing EFL (English as a Foreign Language) but I’m seeing that many international schools are taught all in English or only accept English speaking students. What are the job outlooks for that subject area?

Jackie Bolen said...

If you want to teach in an international school, certainly don't do ESL or EFL. There aren't many opportunities. You'd be far better doing something like math or science that are far more difficult to teach and I imagine schools would have difficulty finding something like a high school chemistry teacher.